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  • Garcia Fallit, Matías; Pidre, Matías L.; Asad, Antonela S.; Peña Agudelo, Jorge A.; Vera, Mariana Belén; Nicola Candia, Alejandro J.; Sagripanti, Sofia B.; Pérez Kuper, Melanie; Amorós Morales, Leslie C.; Marchesini, Abril; Gonzalez, Nazareno; Caruso, Carla M.; Romanowski, Víctor; Seilicovich, Adriana; Videla Richardson, Guillermo Agustín; Zanetti, Flavia A.; Candolfi, Marianela (MDPI, 2023-02-22)
    We aimed to assess the potential of baculoviral vectors (BV) for brain cancer gene therapy. We compared them with adenoviral vectors (AdV), which are used in neuro-oncology, but for which there is pre-existing immunity. ...
  • Peña Agudelo, Jorge A.; Pidre, Matías L.; Garcia Fallit, Matias; Pérez Küper, Melanie; Zuccato, Camila; Nicola Candia, Alejandro J.; Marchesini, Abril; Vera, Mariana Belén; De Simone, Emilio; Giampaoli, Carla; Amorós Morales, Leslie C.; Gonzalez, Nazareno; Romanowski, Víctor; Videla Richardson, Guillermo Agustín; Seilicovich, Adriana; Candolfi, Marianela (MDPI, 2023-08-11)
    Humanin (HN) is a mitochondrial-derived peptide with robust cytoprotective effects in many cell types. Although the administration of HN analogs has been proposed to treat degenerative diseases, its role in the pathogenesis ...
  • Amorós Morales, Leslie C.; Marchesini, Abril; Gómez Bergna, Santiago M.; García Fallit, Matías; Tongiani, Silvana E.; Vásquez, Larisa; Ferrelli, María Leticia; Videla Richardson, Guillermo Agustín; Candolfi, Marianela; Romanowski, Víctor; Pidre, Matías L. (MDPI, 2023-09-23)
    Baculoviruses are insect-specific pathogens widely used in biotechnology. In particular, the Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) has been exploited as a platform for bio-inputs production. This is why the ...

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