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  • Quiroz, Yakeel T.; Solis, Michele; Aranda, María P.; Arbaje, Alicia I.; Arroyo-Miranda, Mirna; Cabrera, Laura Y.; Carrasquillo, Minerva Maria; Corrada, Maria M.; Crivelli, Lucía; Diminich, Erica D.; Dorsman, Karen A.; Gonzales, Mitzi; González, Héctor M.; Gonzalez-Seda, Ana L.; Grinberg, Lea T.; Guerrero, Lourdes R.; Hill, Carl V.; Jiménez-Velázquez, Ivonne; Llibre Guerra, Jorge J.; Lopera, Francisco (John Wiley & Sons, 2022-09)
    The Alzheimer's Association hosted the second Latinos & Alzheimer's Symposium in May 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held online over 2 days, with virtual presentations, discussions, mentoring sessions, ...
  • Keller, Greta; Corvalán, Nicolás; Carello, María Agostina; Arruabarrena, Micaela María; Martínez Canyazo, Carlos; De Los Santos, Loana; Spehrs, Julieta; Vila-Castelar, Clara; Allegri, Ricardo Francisco; Quiroz, Yakeel T.; Crivelli, Lucía (Taylor & Francis, 2024-03-06)
    Introduction: The Latin American Spanish version of the Face-Name Associative Memory Exam (LAS-FNAME) has shown promise in identifying cognitive changes in those at risk for Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, its applicability ...
  • Crivelli, Lucía; Quiroz, Yakeel T.; Calandri, Ismael Luis; Martin, María Eugenia; Velilla, Lina M.; Cusicanqui, María I.; Coto Yglesias, Fernando; Llibre Rodríguez, Juan J.; Armele, Monserrat; Román, Fabián; Barceló Martínez, Ernesto; Dechent, Claudia; Carello, María Agostina; Olavarría, Loreto; Yassuda, Mônica S.; Custodio, Nilton; Dansilio, Sergio; Sosa, Ana Luisa; Acosta, Daisy; Allegri, Ricardo Francisco (Oxford University Press, 2021-10-20)
    Objective: Teleneuropsychology (teleNP) could potentially expand access to services for patients who are confined, have limited personal access to healthcare, or live in remote areas. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic ...

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