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  • Allegri, Ricardo Francisco; Dincer, Aylin; Gordon, Brian A.; Hari-Raj, Amrita; Keefe, Sarah J.; Flores, Shaney; McKay, Nicole S.; Paulick, Angela M.; Shady Lewis, Kristine E.; Feldman, Rebecca L.; Hornbeck, Russ C.; Ances, Beau M.; Berman, Sarah B.; Brickman, Adam M.; Brooks, William S.; Cash, David M.; Chhatwal, Jasmeer P.; Farlow, Martin R.; La Fougère, Christian; Fox, Nick C.; Fulham, Michael J.; Jack Jr, Clifford R.; Joseph-Mathurin, Nelly; Karch, Celeste M.; Lee, Athene; Levin, Johannes; Masters, Colin L.; McDade, Eric; Oh, Hwamee; Perrin, Richard J.; Raji, Cyrus; Salloway, Stephen; Schofield, Peter R.; Su, Yi; Villemagne, Victor L.; Wang, Qing; Weiner, Michael W.; Xiong, Chengjie; Yakushev, Igor; Morris, John C.; Bateman, Randall J.; Benzinger, Tammie L.S.; Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (Elsevier, 2020-11-05)
    Defining a signature of cortical regions of interest preferentially affected by Alzheimer disease (AD) pathology may offer improved sensitivity to early AD compared to hippocampal volume or mesial temporal lobe alone. Since ...

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