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  • Negrotto, Laura; Marrodán, Mariano; Fiol, Marcela Paula; Gaitán, María Inés; Ysrraelit, María Célica; Vrech, Carlos; Pappolla, Agustín; Miguez, Jimena; Patrucco, Liliana; Cristiano, Edgardo; Rojas, Juan Ignacio; Carrá, Adriana; Chertcoff, Aníbal; Steinberg, Judith; Martinez, Alejandra D.; Curbelo, María Celeste; Cohen, Leila; Alonso, Ricardo; Garcea, Orlando; Correale, Jorge (Elsevier, 2020-11)
    Background: Like MS prevalence, oligoclonal bands (OCB) frequency seems to follow a latitudinal gradient. Argentina is extensive, latitude-wise, and previous studies have not found an MS prevalence latitudinal gradient. ...
  • Marrodán, Mariano; Piedrabuena, María Agustina; Gaitán, María Inés; Fiol, Marcela Paula; Ysrraelit, María Célica; Carnero Contentti, Edgar; López, Pablo Adrián; Peuchot, Verónica; Correale, Jorge (Sage, 2023-03-21)
    Background: Information on performance of multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnostic criteria is scarce for populations from Latin America, Asia, or the Caribbean. Objective: To assess performance of revised 2017 McDonald ...
  • Barboza, Andrés G.; Carnero Contentti, Edgar; Curbelo, María Celeste; Halfon, Mario Javier; Rojas, Juan Ignacio; Silva, Berenice Anabel; Sinay, Vladimiro; Tizio, Santiago; Ysrraelit, María Célica; Alonso, Ricardo (Springer, 2021-01-25)
    Background: Technological advances and greater availability of magnetic resonance imaging have prompted an increment on incidental and unexpected findings within the central nervous system. The concept of radiologically ...

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